Training & Technology

One of the BIGGEST reasons people leave organizations is lack of training.

We recognize that a well-structured training program is reflected in the success of our Agents, represents of the client’s best interests, and ultimately impacts the bottom line.  That is why we are continuously developing our BiG comprehensive training platform and always evolving our cutting edge technology!

This is why we developed C-L-E-A-R

Comprehensive Learning Enhances Agent Representation

We provide cutting-edge technology and resources. 

Online Self-Paced Training

At BiG you will have an incredible experience with training.  Our online, self-paced training platform and library of resources will provide you with knowledge that you can tap into at your pace.

Classroom Training

Our local offices conduct live classroom training on a regular basis. The agenda is robust and is intended to complement the online, self-paced training giving Agents better role-play opportunities and live sales call experiences.

Our BiG classroom environments are fun, energetic, and packed with essential learning that is critical to our industry’s products and your success!

One-On-One Training

We realize that online training and even classroom training are not enough to ensure agents have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Agents also have access to live, one-on-one training and mentoring to ensure they are comfortable interacting with consumers. Whether by phone in a call center or face-to-face in the field, we provide every opportunity to ensure agents are trained properly and are confident in their knowledge when talking to a client!

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