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Honors & Recognition

Celebrating YOU is extremely important to our culture!

At BiG, we believe in celebrating the achievements and contributions of our top agents, and our honors and recognition programs reflects this commitment. Here’s a closer look at how we celebrate our top performers:

Annual Awards Gala

 Our Annual Awards Gala is a highlight of the year, where we gather our top sales associates from coast to coast to honor their outstanding contributions. This first-class event is held at a selected location annually and is an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our agents. At the Awards Gala, we distribute our biggest and best bonuses, announce additional incentives, and provide a memorable experience that our agents will cherish.

Leadership Pathways

We believe in investing in the professional development of our agents, and our Leadership Pathways program offers live classroom training sessions to complement our online self-paced training. These sessions provide agents with valuable role-play opportunities and live sales call experiences, helping them refine their skills and achieve success in the insurance industry.

Trips, Travel, Exotic Locations!

After their hard work and dedication, our top agents deserve to enjoy some relaxation and reward themselves with travel to exotic locations. We offer trips to beautiful and affordable destinations, with part or all expenses paid. These trips are a way for us to show our appreciation for our agents’ achievements and provide them with an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate.

Our honors and recognition programs are designed to motivate and inspire our agents to reach their full potential and achieve excellence in their roles. Whether it’s through our Annual Awards Gala, Leadership Pathways program, or trips to exotic locations, we are committed to celebrating the success of our top performers and creating a culture of appreciation and recognition at BiG. Join us today and become a part of our winning team!

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