Leads & Marketing

BiG provides a variety of lead programs to supplement your marketing activities.

Lead Programs

Having access to quality leads to supplement their business activities is an important aspect of our Agents’ success!  This is why BiG has established its own proprietary lead generation program to supply leads on a regular basis to our trained Agents.

  • Company leads from our e-commerce websites.

  • Consumer can call or live chat.

  • The BiG Lead Bank

  • Referral Program

  • SEO & Social Media

The BiG Lead Bank

  • Earn FREE lead credits based on your performance.

  • Choose from multiple lead types and sources.

  • What more leads?   You can purchase leads at our BiG discount, leads at our cost to invest in your business!

Referral Program

BiG provides a nice referral program!

For every person you refer who onboards and reaches a minimum threshold, you will receive a $250 bonus!

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