Best Insurance Group (BiG) is an insurance field marketing organization

serving individuals, families, self-employed, and small businesses

whom are responsible for their own insurance.


We do our utmost to ensure every person has access to affordable

and quality insurance.  Our goal is to provide a world-class customer experience. 

We leverage new technology to provide quality choices and helpful information

to the communities in which we serve. 

We provide a culture in which our agents can build wealth by helping others.

It all started with a BiG idea...

Bigger, better, the best...

Over 100 years of combined experience...

Our Journey

1987 - 1998

Where it all began…

Between 1987 and 1998, the principles of BiG all started their careers in the insurance industry.  Together they have over 125 years of insurance experience combined!

1989 - 2018

First success…

Decades of growing, learning, and mastering all aspects of this business, this industry, each have their own individual journey’s but collectively they are second to none!


The BiG Idea

In the fall of 2019 two friends Hani Rihan & Mark Hunt started conversing about The BiG Idea, soon after they partnered with Sondra Bradley and the three of them formed a solid BiG business plan strategy!

MARCH 2020

BiG was Founded

With months of planning had been in the works, their partnership with Premier Insurance Benefits, LLC d/b/a Best Insurance Group commenced on March 09, 2020.

July 2020

Opening of BiG HQ

We found the perfect office location for our headquarters right in sunny Tampa, FL.   Located on the 12th floor of the Waterford Building!  Fireworks celebrate the grand opening of BiG on July 6, 2020.


#1 Insurance Agency

We won the Best of the Best People’s Choice Award.   Recognized and published by the Tampa Bay Times for Best Insurance Group (BiG) as the #1 insurance agency.  Such a huge accomplishment in just one year!

JULY 2022


The assets of Best Insurance Group (BiG) were acquired by New Era Life Insurance Company and New Horizon. 

APRIL 2023


The acquisition didn’t pan out as expected so the original principals of BiG acquired it back.  Focused more than ever on building BiG 2.0 and with a new partner joining the team!

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