Earnings & Equity

Earn significant wealth while being a wealth of significance to others!

Advance Income

Receive advance income on your earned commissions to ensure the weekly cashflow you need as you are building your block of business.  At BiG, we will help you set your goals and help you determine not only what you need to make today but help you plan for your future!

Residual Commissions

Building a strong and persistent block of business can pay your residual commissions for a lifetime.  Imagine retiring on your terms and earning a significant income for years to come!


Ongoing Incentives

BiG incentives are constant and ongoing!  They could be cash, gift cards, or extra points for current contests that are running.

Bonus Programs

BiG has established several bonus programs were you can earn more on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Consistency in issued sales volume is the primary key to earning even more, and since we are performance-based, the sky is your limit!  The more people you help with one of our plans the more you can earn!

Family Insurance

Million Dollar Club

Achieve one-million dollars in issued annualized volume and you will receive a one-time BiG Bonus of $10,000! 

That’s a BiG payout!

Founder’s Circle

Our Founder’s Circle is a VIP Program only meant for the elite!  Everyone has an opportunity to be a part of the Founder’s Circle but only the Elite get in! 

This program will provide so many more perks including but not limited to:  more cash incentives, multipliers on sales contests, added trip incentives, upgrades to rooms and travel to our first class trips, special recognition, opportunity to be selected to BiG’s Advisory Board where BiG decisions are made, and so much more!

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