Our Story

It all started with a BiG idea during a conversation between two friends who have over 50 years collectively in the insurance industry!  Hani Rihan and Mark Hunt both started as independent insurance agents in the field, quickly climbed the ranks, and ultimately built their own respective sales organizations. 

In 2003, Hani founded a startup agency which grew to over $50 million and led to a partnership with a large, publicly traded healthcare conglomerate that ended up fully acquiring the agency in 2019.Mark was a high level executive who consistently delivered strong year-over-year profits to a public company and its shareholders.  As a result, he successfully merged three insurance marketing organizations into both a D2C and B2B brand, producing over $100 million in annual sales.  He directed and managed all national sales activities until 2019.  

Hani and Mark began to discuss how, with their collective experience, they could find a way to meet the nations desperate need for quality healthcare solutions and integrity driven teams that could deliver results. 

They decided to start something new, something BiG!  They talked for weeks vision casting their future and discussing how to be BiGGER and BETTER than similar industry competitors.  They quickly realized they needed another expert in the industry that could complete the circle and help execute this BiG vision. They contacted Sondra Bradley, another veteran in the industry with over over three decades of experience building agency operations, strategic marketing initiatives, and training systems. 

Hani, Mark, and Sondra have close to 100 collective years in the insurance industry.  They decided to partner and once again start a new agency, one that was simply the BEST over the rest.  This partnership trio developed a solid business plan, met with key affiliate partners, and BiG was born.  

This powerhouse team looks forward to this incredible journey creating their legacy and last business venture, while making a BiG difference and partnering with like-minded people along the way!

"Hani is one of the most strategic leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is passionate about leading his team and executes vision flawlessly!"

"I have found that Mark Hunt is one of the most effective leaders I have ever worked with. Integrity, Honesty, Conscientious, Dependable, and Positive are just a few words I would use to describe him"

"Sondra Bradley fosters a culture of empowerment, growth, and professionalism. Many years with her in the insurance industry were the most valuable to my career growth."

With Hani Rihan leading this organization it will be the BiGGEST and the BEST this industry has ever seen!

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