Hani Rihan


Hani Rihan is an accomplished and successful executive with over 20 years of experience in the Health and Life Insurance Industry.  Hani’s passion and drive in helping others drove him to launch his first business in 2003, AIA Direct, LLC. AIA is a leading National Health and Life insurance agency specializing in helping middle class Americans have access to affordable health insurance in a very volatile healthcare reform environment. In 2016 AIA partnered with The IHC Group, which is a publically traded healthcare conglomerate.  The IHC Group ultimately acquired AIA fully in April of 2019.

Before starting his first business in 2003, Hani spent over four years at Health Markets (fks: Cornerstone America), which was acquired by United Healthcare in October 2018. Within months of joining, Hani was amongst the top three personal producers out of over 4,000 agents competing nationwide.  His achievements and record-breaking sales propelled him to a promotion to District Sales Leader, building a small team he trained to duplicate his sales results. He then stepped up to a Regional Sales Leader role, which allowed him to build several teams under his leadership. 

Hani earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Webber University.

Core attributes include:  business development, leadership development, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing training, lead procurement, sales rewards programs, excellent public speaker & organizational spokesperson, driver of product profits, and shareholder equity.

Hani was born in Egypt and now resides in Sarasota, Florida.  Hani enjoys fine dining, traveling, sports, and working out when he finds the time!

Sondra Bradley

Executive Sr. VP of Operations

Sondra has over three decades of experience in the insurance industry and well over two decades of leadership, management, sales and marketing, instructional design, training, and professional speaking experience.  Making a positive difference in other people’s lives, leading teams, motivating, and training are Sondra’s passions. 

During the 12 years Sondra worked with The IHC Group, she recruited, trained, and motivated hundreds of sales representatives while building effective leadership and training strategies to foster growth and retention of sales for the company.  She also designed an industry-compliant marketing and training platform used globally for all distributions within the parent company. Prior to working with The IHC Group, Sondra’s strength of conviction in helping others led her to co-found a new division of the Zig Ziglar Organization, Ziglar Performance Group, taking on the role of Independent National Performance Leader for the Eastern United States. This division was created to bring the philosophies, teachings, and wisdom of world-renowned author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, directly to individuals and companies through a locally based network of certified independent contractors from Sondra’s organization, Bradley Performance Group d/b/a Ziglar Performance Group. In this venture, Sondra recruited, motivated, trained, and certified on behalf of Ziglar, sales trainers, and speakers to represent their products and services in local markets. In addition, she personally conducted speaking and training engagements to groups ranging in size from 5 to over 3,000. 

Before starting her own business in 2004, Sondra spent over 15 years at United Insurance Companies, Inc. (UCI) and of that, 11 years at Cornerstone America (a division of UCI), a nearly $400 million marketer of health insurance to individuals and small business owners.  Sondra worked her way up through various positions within this organization, ultimately serving as Executive Vice-President overseeing operations, marketing, and technology departments before finally moving into a sole proprietorship as their National Training Leader. As National Training Leader, Sondra traveled weekly to motivate and train the sales force, ensured nationwide consistency in regulatory and sales practices, authored training programs, implemented a consistent training platform, as well as authored and co-authored numerous sales and marketing materials.  At the same time, Sondra was responsible for national compliance, regulatory, and legal issues and spent much time working with attorneys, legal analysts, and Department of Insurance regulators to ensure compliance in each state. 

Sondra was often referred to as “the bubble in the level” — greatly admired and appreciated by the sales team.  As she traveled the country meeting sales representatives and conducting trainings, it was important to Sondra to understand their business environment and the challenges they faced.  She earned her insurance license and became licensed in nearly all 50 states.  She also changed her employment status to independent contractor to truly walk in the shoes of those she served.  This exceptional level of commitment and devotion allowed Sondra a rare opportunity for empathy, compassion, and respect.  With her insights to personal and professional balance, combined with vast experience and motivational skill, Sondra is uniquely suited to lead her organization, making a difference for others. 

Sondra’s hometown is Dallas, TX, but she now resides in St. Pete Beach, Florida. She enjoys helping and serving others both in her career and community and personally enjoys art, boating, movies, traveling, warmer months, and walks on the beach.  

Mark Hunt

Executive Sr. VP of Sales

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration from Troy University.  He has worked his way from entry-level sales professional to the global sales leader he is today, but has never forgotten where he has come from.  Mark has a unique perspective and balance of understanding on what it’s like to be in the field selling and helping customers, as well as delivering profits to a public company and shareholders.

Prior to joining the BiG team, Mark most recently held the position of President and Sales Executive within The IHC Group, a publically traded healthcare conglomerate.  He built and led a large dedicated team of sales professionals that sold a wide array of health and ancillary products. He is a strong proponent of the hands-on establishment and growth of both new and existing markets and is constantly recruiting and expanding an effective sales force.  Mark has a unique perspective and a great combination of understanding of what it is like to be in the field selling and helping customers.  He consistently delivered strong year-over-year profits to a public company and its shareholders. 

Before joining IHC, Mark’s passion for helping others led him to invest and build a new division of the Zig Ziglar Organization in 2004 — Mark D. Hunt Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Ziglar Performance Group — taking on the role as an Independent National Leader for the southeastern United States.  This division was created to bring the philosophies, teachings, and wisdom of world-renowned author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, directly to individuals and companies through a locally based network of certified independent contractors from Mark’s organization.  In this venture Mark recruited, motivated, trained, and certified on behalf of Ziglar, sales trainers, and speakers to represent their products and services as well as provided personal coaching to businesses and individuals strategizing their growth.   

Before starting his own business in 2004, Mark spent over 12 years at Health Markets (fks: Cornerstone America). Mark excelled and rapidly progressed with Cornerstone in several leadership positions including District, Regional, Area, and National Sales Leader, as well as National Recruiting Director.  His accomplishments include receiving awards for the Top New Market, #1 in Agency Development 4 straight years, #1 Area Sales 3 straight years, and Top Recruiter. 

Core attributes include:  business and leadership development, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing training, lead procurement, organizing sales rewards programs, public speaking, driving product profits, and shareholder equity. 

Mark was born in Detroit, Michigan, and now resides in Palm Coast, Florida.  Mark loves the Florida lifestyle where he enjoys boating, fishing, skiing, and sports.  

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